Monday, May 6, 2013

What do I do?

What do I do?

I love the twist to this question. It's my immediate reaction to start rambling about my career and where I  want to go in life {I've got my elevator speech on the tip of my tongue at any given moment}. But when I sit down and really think about who I am and what I enjoy and what makes me me, I have a lot of things to say that only friends and family know about.

I laugh. 
Laughing and smiling are my favorite. I truly love being around people that make me laugh, giggle and chuckle. There is no better medicine for when times are rough. If there is laughter, there is usually something worth remembering. 

I read. 
Books are my escape. Getting lost in a book is a magical thing. They keep my imagination active, and my brain is always thinking ahead and wondering what will happen next. I like to live my life this way anyway, so books are often my 
"brain exercises" that start brewing creativity and dreams.

I love.
My heart is so very full of love. For my wonderful parents. My "little" brother. My entire family makes my heart swell with happiness. I also love strangers. Their stories and lives often touch me in a profound way. Whether it's someone I meet in real life, someone I read about in the news, or someone who has shared a part of themselves in the blogging community, it can be easy to forge a connection {though it may be brief} that you will remember and draw upon for years to come. And though I haven't found the romantic love of my life yet, I love knowing that there is someone perfect for me out there. 

I cry.
Happy crying, that is. Lately, I've been crying tears of joy at the drop of a hat. You'd think I was either entering adolescence or menopause. This last year has been transforming in so many ways, for me. I am always overwhelmed by the blessings in my life. Little things like honest blog posts and moving wedding vides have also been known to produce a tear or two of late. Also, the love and beauty of the teenagers I work with at church on weekends often bring my heart such joy, tears seem to be my only reaction. Happy tears are a good thing.

I photograph.
Everything. Seriously. My family and friends laugh at me {I'm sure there are many in the blogging community that can relate}. I love capturing everyday moments, silly things, special occasions, a beautiful view etc.. Though I don't share all my photos in this space, I love having a physical reminder of happy memories.
{Taken at home one evening this past weekend. A perfect, quite night spent reading and dreaming.}