Sunday, May 5, 2013

PDA {Public Display of Admiration}

So Jenni's prompt today is to express love and admiration for a blogging friend. I'd like to take this opportunity to gush over the bloggers, readers, and constant inspiration I find in the blog world each and every day. It's truly amazing how people from around the world can gather in the blog community and share their stories, photos and anecdotes that might be the inspiration, words of wisdom, or encouragement that someone needs. This community of writers, photographers and people living their lives and sharing their views is amazing. I love seeing the world though others' eyes, and this is the place where that will happen. Sometimes even dreams are born.

So without further ado, I'd like to share a couple of my favorite reads and the ladies behind them that make me smile, think, {sometimes shed a tear} with their lovely blogs:

Betsy from Betsy Transatlantically shares her re/expatriated life, transatlantic engagement and wedding planning, and life in DC. What I love most about Betsy's blog is the thought provoking, honest writing she does about life, love and faith among other things. She voices her views and beliefs so clearly and beautifully. I admire her strong voice and passion.

Jess at Foreign Room has a sweet blog that documents her adventures with her precious pup, Marley. She is also super creative and takes some seriously beautiful pictures. My favorites are the ones that capture the little moments in everyday life.

You probably already know about the gorgeous creation from Amanda that is Marshall's Abroad. If you want to be struck silly with beauty, run {or click very fast} over to her dreamy world. Amanda cooks the most beautiful, simple meals that leave your mouth watering, takes some stunning photos, and inspires me with her constant faith. 

So visit this seriously lovely ladies and prepare to be blown away with their many talents.

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

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  1. A beautiful post to your blogging friends!