Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunsets and Saltwater


Isn't it magical how golden hour can make you feel so alive and full of life?

Add in a hazy evening that makes everything look a little dreamier and some choppy water that catches the light just so, and one can easily forget the rest of the world and all their worries. Everything close by looks bright and alive, and everything in the distance is so soft. The ambiance is something hard to match. It can make you feel like you're in a world of your own, far away from any worries, anxiety or sadness. How could you be anything but blissful when you are in the middle of a golden world?

This little dock just before sunset is one of the places I feel like I could live my entire life without ever growing tired of it.

Newport, I love you. So dearly.

Have a beautiful weekend. I'll be chasing more sunsets.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nearly in Bloom

You might remember this post from last year about the daffodil field on Cape Cod that a man planted in memory of his beloved wife.

Well, this beautiful patch of land on the side of one of the most scenic drives along the length of the Cape is nearly in bloom.  

Well, at least it was roughly two weeks ago. By now, I'm sure it's a field of golden dreams.

I am so in love with this place. Perhaps it's the beautiful story of an undying love between a man and his sweetheart. Perhaps because you can't look out at a field of golden yellow without a smile on your face. Or perhaps because this field signifies so much more to me. The beginning of a season of good things. Things that aren't visible to anyone except for at their peak for a few precious weeks out of the year. 

Most people don't know this field exists unless they happen to drive by during one of those weeks. But there are some of us that do know what's beneath the green grass, the leaves after fall and the snow in the winter. We know there is promise for a beauty that we can only see briefly, yet it exists beneath the surface year round. 

These blooming beauties made me see the brightness among all the grey even though their golden glow was barely visible until you walked among them. They haven't been at their prime in nearly a year, yet here they are. As lovely as ever. Ready to bloom. Ready for big things to happen.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Breaking Bread

I know, you might be confusing yourself and thinking this is the Betty Crocker website. 

Nope, it's just me.

Pretending to be Betty.

Pretty convincing, yes?

Well if you've been around these parts for a long time now {God bless you if you have}, you know that recipe posts on this little space of mine have been few and far between. I'm usually in the group that prefers to have people who know what they're doing prepare my meals. 

Up until about a year ago. Then I decided to give the cooking thing a try in an attempt to stop being so wasteful spending money on going out for every meal and also to try to live a healthier lifestyle. 

I found this recipe from The Comfort of Cooking on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and thought I'd give it a whirl with my big kid kitchen accessories.

Side note: what is it about pastel colored Kitchen Aid mixers that makes you feel like an unstoppable force in the kitchen? I have no idea either. But it sure makes my inner domestic goddess' ego shine.

So one Saturday, I surprised even myself and whipped out a beautiful loaf of bread that left that incredible fresh bread smell wafting through my kitchen for a few days. You all, it even tasted good. Like made me never want to buy a loaf of bread from the grocery store {ever} again kind of good. The one thing about this recipe I would have done differently is add just a wee bit less salt. But otherwise, oatmeal wheat bread perfection, if I do say so myself.

Making Martha proud since 2014. I knew I'd grow a few domestic skills eventually. Maybe by 30 I'll be able to sew a button on a shirt.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Winter Stroll

Well that was a very unintended little hiatus from my little space. Sometimes I get too busy living life, but that's a good problem to have. The last month has had precious few slow moments, but it has also been filled with so much happiness and fun. I guess that's really just the pace of my life, not just the last month, if I'm being honest. Sometimes it exhausts me, but I wouldn't change a thing. To have so many loved ones to visit, afternoons filled with laughing and fun, and late nights catching up with friends is a beautiful thing.

The few quiet days I've had lately have been just as wonderful. Catching up on sleep and taking long walks have been my favorite way to pass time this winter. Even with the frigid cold and high winds, fresh air can really renew the spirit and reenergize you. 

These pictures were taken at the end of February when temperatures hit a high of 40{!} here on the Rhode Island coast. Although signs of spring have been more and more present since last week {we were in the 50s this past weekend!}, it seemed as though the subfreezing temperatures would never end. I don't think I've ever been more ready for spring and sunshine! But beautiful February days like these would refresh me and ease my impatience for warmer days!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next week. It's hard to believe it's already April - as always, time is flying by me!