Friday, May 17, 2013

Candid Moments

When going through the really obscene amount of pictures I have of myself, I wanted to find one that made me smile remembering the day it was taken. I wanted it to be a time of pure happiness and joy.
This picture does just that.
This was taken by my best friend in the gardens of Versailles. It is completely candid, and I love the little smile I have just looking out the window {trying not to look like a crazy lady who can't contain her excitement}. I was on cloud nine while we were in Paris. It is truly a magical city, and to be experience it with someone who is like a sister to me made it even more special. 
Wandering around a place that is straight out of a fairytale brought so much happiness, contentment and joy. I remember leaving that day thinking how utterly wonderful life is. I often felt that way throughout my time abroad during college, and I could share a million pictures with silly grins. However, I think this little moment in time, where I didn't even realize someone was watching me, says it all.

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