Thursday, May 2, 2013

Personal Procrastination

So I had a terribly hard time figuring out what to say about today's post. So I kept putting it off and off again. Then realized I needed to switch out my winter clothes for my spring/summer clothes in my closet. Well after an hour of that and only a small fraction of that task complete, I thought I'd grab a glass of wine and watch The Wedding Date. 

Then it hit me: I'm a pro at procrastination.

Oh yes. You are talking to the girl that would turn in papers hot off the printer {literally} in college. I even had one professor notice the abnormal warmth of a final paper as I darted into her office to hand it in with seconds to spare. 

I have a laundry list of things to do at home that have been on my list for ages, but I can always find an excuse to do something else instead. 

What's funny about my specialization in procrastination: I only do it at home. Not when other people are involved and definitely not at work {I'm a proud workaholic}. I procrastinate doing things that would make everyday life a little easier for me. Why? Who knows. 

Case in point:

1. I began writing this post exactly three days ago. I've had several versions, but nothing I'm really happy with. 

2. I've filled two bags of clothes to give away while trying to write this post.

3. I've watched three movies while drafting this post in the last three nights.

4. I gave myself a mini pedi tonight with my computer in front of me.

And now, with two hours to spare until tomorrow, I think I will wrap this up. I've procrastinated long enough, thought I still have two hours to spare :)

Tomorrow's Friday, everyone. Thank goodness! 

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