Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Anticipation of Missing

I've thought long and hard about what I wanted to share today. There are certainly times, people and places that I miss each and every day. But lately there's one thing that will get me choked up and often turns my commute each day into a tear fest: 

The anticipation of missing my family and my home.

You see, I found out a few months ago that I was offered a truly amazing new position with my company that will take me away from home in July. Away for up to two years. Away from my Mommy, Daddy, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins. Away from my beloved New England and Cape Cod. Away from my little Pepper doggie.

Away from all my loved ones.
This move was entirely my choice, and I truly 100% want to do it. I know it's the right thing to do, and I also know that it will bring me unimaginable opportunities, both professionally and personally. I'm onboard and ready to go, and I'm eagerly awaiting a month from now where I will find out where my first assignment will be. This is the kind of stuff I've dreamed of since I first entered college, wide-eyed and overwhelmed with possibility. There are days when I can't contain my excitement.

The one thing I hate about it is that I won't be able to go see my parent's whenever I want. Rough days can't be met with hugs from my parents and a glass of wine. Quiet nights at home won't be spent with Pepper cuddled up next to me. Weekends won't be full of walks on the beach with my mother, coffee runs with my brother and evening/early morning chats with my daddy while everyone else is asleep. 

I've already spent four years away from them across the country and eight months across an ocean. So we are used to the distance, Skpye dates and endless phone calls. So right now, I am soaking up as much family time as possible and making sure I don't take for granted the small and big moments alike that I get to spend with them. I know that though distance and time away is in our near future, I have their wholehearted support for everything I do. Even still, I miss them all already.  


  1. I've never lived more than a few hours from my family, so I think you're brave for being able to do it! :)

    1. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments, Stephanie! They always make my day :) I'm excited for a new adventure, but it's so hard thinking about leaving loved ones!