Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EYB in Boston!!!

Today started out like any other New England blizzard-y (it's a word in my book) day. I left an hour and a half early to make it to work on time, got really excited when I finally hit 40 mph oh the highway for about 30 seconds, and made it to work in one piece (thank goodness)! 

While I was crawling along the highway though, I heard a commercial on the radio for a children's hospital benefit concert...and then I heard the name Eli Young. What?! This got my attention instantly. The name of my favorite band? Surely not because they never, EVER come this far north. So I cranked my radio up so I could hear the unbelievable news over the blizzard-y (see, there it is again) wind. Eli Young Band is performing in Boston in 24 days!!!!!! 

Holy Cow! 

Excitement doesn't begin to explain how happy I felt! 

The first thing I did after braving the blizzard-y drive home this evening was buy tickets for my brother and me to see them! My little brother will be back from his Caribbean adventures a few days before that, so I thought it would be the best homecoming present for him too (he shares my love for EYB)! This band reminds me of college and Oklahoma and Texas, which are three of my very favorite things. 

Here is one of my fave songs! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!