Sunday, May 26, 2013

Booty and a Feast


"Michaela, you've got a ghetto booty."

This was uttered by a friend, ahem, in high school. I also think it was intended to hurt, but I'm damn proud of my curves. Especially my 17 year old curves. My body and booty were not so bad back then. Truth be told I look back at pictures of my teenage body and wish I had seen just how good I did look. I always thought I was too big and hated my hips, when in reality, I was healthy, in shape, and looking mighty fine. Today, I still have  a big booty that may be due to two things: genetics and a few too many cupcakes. Ok, really, the second thing is false because there's no such thing as too many cupcakes ;)

Speaking of cupcakes, last month, I stumbled across a new little Cape Cod gem. I had seriously scrumptious strawberry champagne cupcake from Something Sweet. 'm still dreaming about it! They have that sweet VW bus that they take with them to different events and fairs around Cape Cod. Genius. Who doesn't want a yummy cupcake out of a sweet ride? 

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