Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{A}typical Day

Today's topic is a typical day in your life. You all would probably not get a kick out of seeing two hours in the car, an english muffin for dinner, and an embarrassingly early bed time.  So, since my life is much more exciting on weekends, I thought I'd share what a typical weekend day looks like for me. I've been living for the weekends lately, especially since I know I won't be able to soak up time at the Cape after July.

 My day usually begins by stopping by my favorite place to get a bagel and schmear {that has the most perfect little field behind it}...
 I then find a peaceful spot to enjoy my little breakfast and maybe a chapter of a book.
 After my tummy is full, I usually talk myself into driving around the side roads, stopping to visit the places I love...
And enjoy the little changes in the landscape as the Cape blooms into summertime. 
Sometimes you can find a deserted beach where you can watch from the beach with your Mother... 
...and as you watch the storms, you talk about life and inevitably end up laughing so hard you can't walk....
Until you realize the storm is actually right above you.
That's the cue to head home and enjoy the sound of raindrops and a little nap.
But the storms always clear, leaving time for one last evening walk where everything seems a little bit brighter {and greener}.

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