Monday, May 20, 2013


So days 18 and 19 seem to have passed me by.  However, on day 18 when we were supposed to be sharing a childhood memory, I was in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York celebrating the graduation of my darling cousin who is a huge part of so many of my childhood memories. We made even more memories over the last two days, and I was so thankful take part in celebrating a huge life milestone. 

Day 19 was spent eating the most glorious brunch and wishing the weekend wasn't over {and wishing we could fast-forward the drive home}. It's hard to believe someone who spent summers building sandcastles with you is finished with school. It's even scarier when you remember you've already been out of college for three years.

So today's post is about a struggle. A few days ago, I mentioned how blessed I am in life. I don't want to go through the same series of grateful thoughts again, but in reality, my struggles are often trivial. Not that trivial struggles don't take their toll on you {they do}, but most things I struggle with pale in comparison to the struggle of others. I have health, my family and a life full of love. It makes my heart break to see the cards that others have been dealt in life. But here are two things I've been struggling with lately:

{Taken after driving and trying to outrun this storm in the middle of the highway in Oklahoma my sophomore year of college. The only building we could find for miles was the gas station where I took these photos. To this day, I think I'm insane for thinking to take a picture at a time like that. Probably the most scared I've ever been in my life.}

1. Knowing my friends so close to the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. Seeing the news over the last two days and spending the last two nights worrying about people I love so much will take its toll. The scary thing about tornadoes is that there is often no time to take cover or prepare for the worst. And God bless you if you are in the path. It also reminds me that I could too be living back in tornado alley in a few months. There have been few things more terrifying to me than springtime in the plains. I've come too close for comfort to them before, and I wouldn't wish that fear on anyone. Please send prayers, thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery to Oklahoma and all those struggling right now.

2. Dreams. I've been haunted by dreams {or should I say nightmares?} lately. I wake up at 3 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. People I don't want to remember, situations that I hope to never be name it, and I've probably had a dream about it in the last few months. Sometimes when I wake up, it's hard to tell reality from what just happened in my head. Thank goodness I have a few hours to sort it out before I get out of bed.

I hope you had a beautiful Monday. And please, again, keep those struggling in your thoughts and prayers. There are so many that are suffering world-wide right now.

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  1. So sad what happened in Oklahoma, I hope all your loved ones are ok. I dislike spring for this very reason, the threat of tornadoes scares me so much.

    Sorry you've been having bad dreams, that always sucks. I hope they go away soon.