Monday, December 2, 2013

Autumn Sendoff

Another handful of pictures with foliage and vines. 

Shocking, I know. 

I couldn't resist. Vineyards absolutely capture me. I think I was meant to live among the vines. Not in a Tarzan way.

Thanks for laughing at my little joke.

These are the last pictures {I think} of the beautiful autumn we had in Rhode Island. In true Michaela fashion, the last few weekends I've been at home in Newport have been spent with friends and family, enjoying some of my favorite spots along the Coastal Wine Trail. I've already written about my love for  Sakonnet Vineyards and Greenvale Vineyards in the past, but I thought the two deserved another shout out. Because they are two of my favorite places to bring out of town visitors when they venture down to my little corner of the state.

Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyards was purchased last year by Carolyn Rafaelian owner of Alex and Ani. The vineyard has changed a little since my last visit, but not in a bad way. There is a delicious-looking restaurant on weekends {that I will have to try one of these days}, and the same staff is as friendly as ever. This is one of my favorite places to spend a few hours catching up with friends over a bottle of Rhode Island Red {highly recommended}. 

Greenvale Vineyards might be my favorite of all the Rhode Island vineyards. There is something so cozy and personal about the experience there. The farm owners are often the ones pouring your glass during the tastings and telling you about how their family has owned the farm for over a hundred years. One of my favorite things about Greenvale is the fact that they keep the vineyard going only to maintain and preserve the land rather than sell to developers, which I think is brilliant. I've been known to spend hours here with a picnic basket and friends on a Saturday during the warmer months. 

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