Monday, December 9, 2013

A Grand Adventure

Going to the Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list...forever. Well, at least since I started thinking about bucket lists circa 2004. 

It's something that all of us have seen countless times in pictures and on TV. Most of us can visualize it perfectly. But no picture can ever convey just how majestic and grand it really is. Awe-inspiring. Breathtaking. Truly one of Wonders of the World. 

My mother and I were talking about how truly incredible this great rift in the middle of our country is one afternoon, remarking on how the first explorers must have felt when they came across such a landscape. It is enough to make you feel like you're at the end of the world. How overwhelming it must have been to come across such a sight. Thank goodness that there are those who won't let something like a several mile gorge stop them form seeing the world. I'd like to think that's how I approach both life and travel. There will be big holes in life, and huge canyons to cross, but just imagine what's on the other side.


A few recommendations:

Hiking: My group hiked partially down South Kaibab Trail from the top of the rim down a few thousand feet. The hike down actually took much longer- about 2.5 hrs due to excessive picture taking. The trek back up was much faster, as all any of us could think of was making it to the top and having a nice cocktail while watching the fast-approaching sunset.

Sleeping: We stayed at the Kachina Lodge in Canyon Village. It was basic, but clean and had killer views of the Canyon. If you want something with a little more character, try to stay at El Tovar Lodge, which was right next door to Kachina. 

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