Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Sunday Currently

It's officially Christmas week! It's also day two of my two week vacation from work!

Double win, in my book.

I haven't had this much time off since college, and part of me has no idea what to do with myself. Another part of me has a list of all the little things I should do {ahem dusting}. And yet another part of me has zero desire to do anything but crash my parents' house and cuddle with Pepper Monster.

I'm currently listening to the latter part of myself, but can you blame me? Look at that face.
Speaking of currently, it's time for The Sunday Currently.

Reading...through Christmas cards. My parents receive so many cards each year, and I love seeing pictures of families growing, new babies, and catching up with lifelong family friends every year.

Writing...down a few drafts for blog posts. I've had a few things I've wanted to discuss/share here, but haven't quite found the right words. some Frank Sinatra Christmas tunes. It makes me sad that the day after Christmas all the musical goodness disappears. I'm soaking in as much Christmas music as I can.

Thinking...that my mother is an incredibly hard person to shop for at Christmas. Anyone else have a few remaining gifts to figure out? Just me? Awesome.

Smelling...evergreen and fir from the Christmas tree. One of my favorite smells of all time. brother could be home for Christmas this year. I miss him terribly.

Hoping...there might be a slight dusting of snow for Christmas morning. The rain over the last few days has melted the foot of snow we had last week! I'm a true believer that white Christmases are the best kind of Christmases. pants and a tee shirt. My mom and I just went for an early morning walk while we had the chance. The temperature in Massachusetts is 60{!} right now, albeit grey and rainy. Have to take advantage of heat waves like this! We'll be back to highs in the 20s in a few days. 

Loving...this roasted chicken and veggie recipe from Amanda at Marhalls Abroad. I made it for my parents last night and it was SO delish. Amanda has the most beautiful, healthy recipes.

Wanting...a vanilla cinnamon latte from the local coffee shop. And maybe a bagel with cranberry cream cheese. Yes, definitely a bagel. paint my nails in a glittery polish. Sparkly nails always puts me in a festive mood. a nap will be in order this afternoon.

Clicking...through pictures from this past year. It truly was a wonderful time for me.



  1. Vanilla cinnamon latte? I need to visit your local coffee shop! And that dog is too precious.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Cranberry cream cheese sounds delicious! And that dog is adorable. :)