Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Scenes of Summer

{Last hydrangea of the year from our garden on Cape Cod}

It might come as a shock to you after my professions of love for all things autumn, that I'm sad to see the summer go each year. I spent part of all day yesterday packing away my white pants, summer dresses and sandals that are too summery to make the transition to fall. It feels like just yesterday I was putting away my chunky sweaters and faux fur. Now they are back in my closet, waiting for the lingering warmth of summer to fade away.
It's hard to believe there are only three short months left in this year. For me, the past nine months have been marked with remarkable change. Positive change (with a few bumps along the road) that has made me happier and more fulfilled than I've been in a long time. For that, I'm forever grateful.

I know that my life is on the right path, and I thank God for that each day.

As we enter into the final months of the year, I could not be more excited to see what's in store. The prospect of even more exciting adventures to be had, new friends to make, and venturing into the unknown is truly wonderful.

Cheers to you, summer. You treated me well.

{Sesuit Harbor at sunset}

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