Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Life: You are Wonderful

{An all-too-inviting hammock at the local coffee house}

Dear Friday,

I have been waiting for you for what seems like months. 

All I want to do is curl up with a few good books, a pumpkin chai, and my puppy dog for a few days. No phone, no computer, no interruptions. 


Alas, there are oil changes to be had, commitments that were made and work to be done. But as I think (with a huff and a puff) of all these things keeping me from mindless days and hours of sleep, my heart is happy. 

I remember that I have a beautiful life.

 That oil change is for a car that I'm lucky enough to own; that commitment is with a truly beautiful group of teenage girls that are part of the youth group I work with; and that work is for a job that I absolutely love, that brings me excitement, pride and a challenge every day.

All these seemingly pestering things that stand between me and my pillows are things that make me completely happy. I'd choose them over sleep any day.

Friday, you don't bring me rest, but you do bring me joy. I can't wait for this weekend.

xoxo M


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  1. Oh, I definitely know the feeling of Friday not bringing rest. =) Story of a new mom's life. . . but it's awesome that you're able to look at it all with an attitude of gratitude! Enjoy what's left of your Friday and the rest of your weekend! (Stopping by from Friday's Letters. =)