Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vines of Fall

Fall was showing off a few weeks ago...or perhaps it was its last hurrah. We have snowflakes dotting the sky this morning, but my mind is wishing we could have sunny {warm-ish} days full of light and bright colors. 

It was the last summer farmers' market at Newport Vineyards several Saturdays ago, and it was the perfect day to end the "warm" months before the winter market begins. After shopping around the market, wandering through the vineyard seemed like a good choice for this gorgeous day.

I never realized how brilliantly colored vine leaves become! The gold and yellow of some of the vines was dazzling! I wish I knew more about grapes so I could impress you with that particular variety's name, but alas, all I know is some leaves were still green and some were still gold. Perhaps I will go back one weekend and ask for a lesson in viticulture :)

Also, my friend introduced me to this scratch and sniff wine book over the weekend. Personally, I think this might be the best book ever written about wine. Especially for a wine expert like myself who judges wine by drinkable vs. undrinkable. For the record, there have only been two wines in the undrinkable category in my life. Wine snob, I am not.

Happy Tuesday!

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