Friday, November 1, 2013

A Neighborhood Stroll

We have been blessed with absolutely gorgeous fall weather in Newport. 

Absolute perfection. 

After nearly two solid months of only being in Rhode Island during part of the work week and a few hours here and there on weekend, I was so thankful to spend last weekend at my home here. Newport is full of so much beauty, and I'm lucky enough to live in the middle of it all. 

Last Sunday turned into a stunning autumn afternoon - so full of color and sunlight. I spent a few hours wandering around my neighborhood and exploring little side streets that oftentimes led me in circles or nowhere at all. It was one of those days where the only thought that occupies your mind is how blessed you are to be alive and enjoying such dreamy day. 

If only I could freeze time and live most of my life in sunny, autumn days.

Here's to hoping this weekend will allow for some more adventuring and sunshine. Happy Friday!

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