Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Oh, weekend, why must you come to an end. An extra hour of sleep, yet I still feel like I could spend a solid day curled up under the covers reading and drinking peppermint mochas. The fact that there were stray snowflakes both in Rhode Island and Massachusetts today does not help my desire to retreat under a pile of blankets.

I thought I'd join in on The Sunday Currently fun with Lauren :)

Reading...about the Grand Canyon. I will be making a little trek there in two weeks. Another item to knock off my bucket list!

Writing...snail mail to some long-lost friends. Not really long-lost, just I-haven't-seen-them-in-a-looooooong-time friends. the Patriots/Steelers game. I look up to watch when the commentators start getting excited voices. 

Thinking...whoever said a bottle of wine yields four glasses is a big, fat liar. Three. Tops.

Smelling...veggies roasting in the oven. After visiting the farmers' market again yesterday morning, I stocked up on veggies for the week. I wanted to try cooking them in a new way, so I'm trying three different recipes for roasting. So far, I think I have made the best roasted carrots in the history of ever and some damn good spicy broccoli. We'll see how the garlic roasted potatoes come out. 

Wishing...that time would simultaneously slow down and speed up. I have so much I'm looking forward to in the next few months, but I've been SO enjoying life as it is right now. I wish there was more time to soak in the happy things in life.

Hoping...the weather stays as perfect as it has been for the next few weeks. Temps in the high 50s and gloriously is this not everyone's favorite time of year?
Wearing...Fair Isle leggings and an oversized chambray shirt. Leggings and oversized sweaters/shirts have been my weekend uniform of late. I don't hate it. Stretchy waistbands for the win. OSU snuggie. One of the best Christmas presents ever {thanks, Santa}. It is singlehandedly preventing me from turning on my heat. I have a goal that I won't turn it on until November 1st - we'll see if I can make it through the week. Oil bills {heating a 100+ year old house} are for the birds.

Wanting...a red flannel shirt. Cozy. Slightly oversized. Soft. Finding a woman's flannel shirt for the fall/winter months is proving the be much harder than I ever expected. I think L.L.Bean may have saved the day, as I just ordered this bad boy. Hopefully it will fulfill my flannel dreams.

Needing...more sleep. I bounce between weeks of insomnia to a few days where I can't get enough sleep, which means I can be found in bed before 9 PM and sleeping until the last possible second {i.e. this weekend. I was shamelessly in bed watching Pride and Prejudice on Friday night at 8:30}.

Feeling...positively content and happy. The crisp fall air has me all sorts of giddy. Plus I've had four of the last five weekends spent with my darling friends in four lovely places. Since we all live across the country from each other, I'm on cloud nine in the friend-time department. And another dear friend will visit in two weeks. Heaven!

Clicking...Love and Lemons. They have the most delicious, colorful recipes. After browsing their page for a few minutes, I always feel so inspired to my my own healthy, beautiful meals.


  1. I am with you when it comes to wanting to snuggle under some covers and have a relaxing day. I agree about wanting time to speed up and slow down. I am enjoying every minute of the holidays and planning for the upcoming events, but I am also so excited for my future plans. In December Tracy and I are taking our Mom to watch the Nutcracker ballet and I can't wait.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Oh, I would love to see the Nutcracker! I haven't since I was little, but I have such wonderful memories of dressing up and going with my mom! Life is such a catch 22, isn't it? I guess we should be thankful we have so many blessings now and exciting things in our future!

  2. Yes! The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list too! Hope you have a great time. So fun!

    1. Thanks so much! I am on a countdown now - except I didn't realize how cold it is there in November! Brrrrr! :)