Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fourth

Happy 4th, everyone!

I am back in the good ole US of A after a perfect week in Central America. Any guesses as to where I might have been? If you follow my Instagram, you probably already know. More on that very soon.

Today is a day for rest {because it's a well-known fact that you need a vacation to recover from vacation}, reading, writing, and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. It also includes packing for my move {!!!} in two weeks. I'm excited to share my new town with you next week, and also the most perfect little apartment that ever did exist. 

So for today, enjoy all the barbecues, beaches and cool beverages until your heart and tummy are full. Remember to give a moment or two of thanks for the wonderful country that we can call our own. We might not always agree with the laws, politics and decisions of our leaders. However, the fact that we can initiate change, share our opinions freely, and fight for our beliefs is, unfortunately, still a rare thing in our world today.  So many are silenced and oppressed because their color, creed, race, sex and religion. We should not take our freedom lightly, and today of all days is a time to be thankful that we have the liberties that so many have fought to give our nation.  

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