Tuesday, February 18, 2014

High Line {Part 1}

The High Line Park in NYC is one of those places that needs two posts to do it justice. Or I just take way too many pictures. I'll let you decide.

This particular Friday in June that I strolled above the city streets below, it was 90 degrees and that special kind of humid that only cities seem to achieve in the dead of summer. At the time, I wished there was a little more of a breeze off the water and that I had been smart enough to save some of my iced tea and water for the end of the walk. Live and learn. And this winter, I've learned that I should never, ever be upset with humid summer days again. 

I am still trying to wish away winter by sharing all the summer goodness I can find. 

Can you tell? 

In any case, you should know the High Line is one of my favorite spots in NYC. I wish more cities would find beautiful ways such as this to transform abandoned relics into something that everyone can enjoy.

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