Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Happy {Tears} for a Monday

Happy Monday! I had a lovely weekend of sleeping, making some yummy meals for the coming week, and spending time with my family. The older I get, the more I cherish these laid back, and sometimes lazy, weekends. I could do without the few inches of white stuff we seem to get every morning, but spring is just around the corner :)

Enough of me, I want to share two sweet, and somewhat emotional, videos that I've recently discovered.

I found this video from SoulPancake via Betsy Transatlantically, and it made me smile all day long. It also made me much more aware of the people around me. As I sit in my usual perch at the coffee house, I find myself wondering about the dozen or so strangers around me that all have a story to tell. Watch it, it will make your day and make you realize you can't take everyone at face value. And just maybe it will inspire you to turn a stranger into a new friend, even if only for a few minutes.

A few weeks ago, I also found this video and it made me absolutely melt. This video will break your heart a little bit, but it shows the true strength and love of a family. Get the tissues out, and at the end, you will be so thankful for the family in your life. 

A little too deep for a Monday? Sorry about that. I tried to balance the happiness with the heartwarming/heartbreaking.

If you need a more excitement to help you jump-start the week, head over to visit Meg's Mingle Monday!

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  1. Someone posted to bride video on my Facebook and it made me bawl. My dance with my dad is one of my favourite memories from my wedding.

  2. Watched both videos and loved them! The bride video was sad but sweet; I'm getting married later this year so it made me think of that :) The friend video was cool, it would be fun to do something similar.