Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's OK

{Gorgeous White Birch trees while snowshoeing through Vermont.}

It's OK...

...that your heart stops beating every time your phone rings or your "you've got mail" notice sounds. Waiting for news on how you will be spending the next two years of your life can cause momentary heart failure followed by a surge of adrenaline.

...that no matter how much you try, you still can't stand the taste/smell/sight of onions. think dinner full of laughter with your girlfriends is the best medicine.

...that you want to marry Josh Groban.

...that despite your best efforts, you always fall asleep halfway though Modern Family.

...that all the colorful, spring clothes really intensify your already terrible case of spring fever. still burn Christmas scented candles because, let's face it, winter in New England is still going strong.

Its Ok Thursdays
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  1. Burning winter scented candles is always ok in my book! And spring clothes are making me want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe! So, I don't blame you for developing spring fever.

    Stopping by from the link up :)

    Jaime {Toby's Tails}

  2. The same thing happened to me last night during modern family! Ha, I thought I was the only person who went to bed so early!

  3. I only use winter/fall air fresheners all year long. I stock pile after the season is over and smile thoughtout the year, same with candles.
    Also, if you'd like to send some that "winter" to S. MD, I'd be ok with that. Apparently, Mother Nature didn't get the memo that "winter" is acceptable WITH snow.