Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK

{Pemaquid, Maine. Summer 2010}

It's OK...

...that I'm still struggling with the fact that it's Thursday...My brain and to-do list were left behind somewhere around Monday. realize you have somehow accumulated three different crock pots in the last two least they are three different sizes?

...that you are so excited that it's almost March, you could do cartwheels! That means spring is right around the corner.

...that you were thisclose to passing out halfway through bikram yoga the the other morning. Note to self, make sure you hydrate and eat before you sit in a 105 degree room for an hour and a half.

...that you are still trying to figure out Photoshop after a week of fiddling with it. dream Kate Middleton is your best friend and wake up thinking that it's still true. Our girls' weekend in the Caribbean last night was top notch. think that New England has had enough precipitation in the last few weeks in the form of snow/sleet/rain to last us until summer.

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. I'm praying for spring to, I wanna wear shorts n flip flops and buy millions of sunglasses Lol.. it's totally okay to dream up famous bffs, once I married a right fielder for the blue Jay's, best day ever haha found yu via the link up, come say hi:)

  2. It's okay that I love this post....right?
    And I know I've probably said it a million times and in a million comments on every blog I read, but I can't wait for spring! This cold is killing me.
    I used Photoshop in high-school photography and computer courses, but I know that if you plopped in front of me now, I'd have no idea what to you're definitely not alone there.
    <3 Kiersten

  3. I SO wanna visit that lighthouse someday. Great blog!!