Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow + Friendship

{Taken behind my house - AKA the backroads of New England}

Oh, hello, snow. I'm so glad you're back. All our snow had almost melted, so a fresh few inches is just what I like to see in March.

Enough sarcasm. This is a happy day.

Tonight I'm jetting off to enjoy the lovely, warm weather in Oklahoma for a long weekend to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of my dearest friends. This trip is long overdue, as I haven't be to OK since I left after graduating from OSU almost three years ago. Though my friends and I have various girls' weekends, vacations and {many} hours long phone calls over the last few years, it's so tough being far away from all your best friends.

I was recently so touched by this post from Nadine and this post from Sami {fellow OSU alum - Go Pokes!} on the reality of growing up and {not} growing friendships. I moved back home to my beautiful New England after spending four seriously amazing years in Stillwater, Oklahoma, constantly surrounded by my childhood best friends, new college best friends, sorority sisters and a whole bunch of other really terrific people.

 {Editor's note: Oklahoma State is probably one of the friendliest schools you will ever find. Ever. I mean it.}

 I was so looking forward to moving home and being closer to my family {and then-boyfriend}. As much as I loved my school and the people that had been my family over those four years, I couldn't picture myself staying in the great state of Oklahoma for the rest of my life. I was an East Coaster at heart, and it was time for me to move home and begin my big girl life.

The first few months I was home were wonderful. I took the summer off and spent it at our cottage on Cape Cod. I had a constant stream of Okie visitors for at least six months. I was soaking in time with my parents, brother and boyfriend. Life seemed pretty perfect back in the land of Yankees. Well, after three or four months the honeymoon effect wore off. I became frustrated with job searching, my relationship wasn't blooming into the happy-go-lucky tale that I had daydreamed about for the past four years, and visits from my friends were becoming scarce as they all settled into their own lives.

Reality had hit home. I couldn't take a five minute walk or ten minute car ride to see my best friends when I was sad, happy, crying, frustrated, joyous or just feeling silly. I felt like part of me was missing. Alone. Despite my wonderful support and love of my family, I dearly missed my friends.

Now, nearly three years later, those feelings are still here, in a way. I have my own life that I've settled into that always seems to be going full speed ahead. However, I've found it's unimaginably hard to make new friends as a grown up. Between juggling a demanding job, volunteering, family obligations etc., meeting new people is a huge challenge. Sounds silly, right? Luckily I have all those things that keep me busy and happy, but the void of having your true friends nearby is always there. True, they are a phone call away, but it's not quite the same as sharing a bottle of wine together. I have learned to truly cherish every minute of the time I get with my friends.

This weekend will be perfect for me, and I hope it's full of friends, fun and love for you too.

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