Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's OK + Obligatory Bloglovin' Love

Rest in Peace, Google Reader. 
Truth is, I don't really use it a lot myself...but I love all my Google Reader followers so much! I don't want to lose you along the road, so I'm making it super easy for you to find me elsewhere.
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See, how easy was that?
Easy, peasy. 
I've been absent on the "It's Okay" bandwagon lately, so I thought I'd join the fun again :)
It's OK... have that third slice of pizza. practice sucking in your stomach for your friend's wedding in two weeks because reality is you won't quite hit that weight loss goal {I'm looking at you pizza}.
...that a "quick" shower still takes 20 minutes. have a renewed appreciation for the comfort and coziness of your bed after a few nights away. be slightly resentful of the snowstorm that decided to visit on the eve of spring. prematurely start swapping your winter clothes for your spring clothes in your closet when you are completely aware that the outlook for the next week is a little bit of snow and temps in the 40s. think your doggy is the cutest thing on the planet.
Happy Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Definitely okay to be practicing sucking your stomach in for a wedding! I'll be doing the same come July/Aug!


  2. I'm dying for warmer weather too but St. Louis just isn't seeing that in the future right now.

    Stopping by from Its OK Thursday!