Sunday, May 10, 2015

An Ocean House Mother's Day


Happy Sunday, and more importantly, Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mamas in the world! As I see more and more of my friends become mothers over the last few years (with a big boom in the past few months!) I am even more amazed at the love and joy that being a mother can bring to life. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing loved ones and their babies. It truly brings tears to my eyes on a regular basis.

Since I can't spend Mother's Day with my own magnificent mother this year, I thought I'd share pictures of last year's Mother's Day outing. It was the most perfect and lovely day with the woman who has so selflessly given so much of herself to me and my family over the last 27 years.

The Ocean House is one of those places that takes you back in time. It's the most beautiful, rambling hotel along the Rhode Island coast that seems to forever have a place on the lists of top resorts in the world. It's an escape away from the reality where you can enjoy the little, and plush, things in life.

The tea was absolutely lovely. Utterly perfect. From the champagne and tea selection, to the scones (best lemon scone I've ever had) to the gorgeous pastries that had gold on them, I couldn't get enough. Sadly, our stomachs told us otherwise after nibbling on a little bit of everything.

My mother and I got to catch up in a real way that afternoon after weeks of business trips, visiting friends, and trying our best to guess where it was that I would be moving in just a few short months. We ever started talking (read: daydreaming) about how amazing it would be if the potential opportunity to move to Paris worked out. I remember sipping our darjeeling tea and my sweet mother trying to contain her excitement at the possibility that a dream of mine might become true in a matter of weeks.

It was such a happy few hours that I will always treasure. 

Tea was followed by a nice jaunt down to the beach. While the wind was a little strong and the water a little cold, it was still such a gorgeous afternoon. My mom and I spend hours walking and talking along the beach, so it was only fitting the day ended with our feet in the sand.

Rhode Island (and my sweet mom!) seems miles away to me at the moment, but I love looking at these pictures and reminiscing about such a lovely day with my beautiful mother.

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