Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Between Lenses: Saturday

As I was downloading pictures to my computer from the last few weeks in the hopes of deleting all those duplicate/crooked/oops-I-took-a-picture-of-my-foot photos in order to make room on my memory card, I happened to see this picture flash by the hundreds of other on their way from my Canon to my Mac. 

And then I happened to be scrolling through my unread blog list just minutes later, and it happened to be a day on two of the blogs I read, Of Trees and Hues and Tara Victoria. So, thought I, let's share a photo of my Saturday morning brunch.

Not brunch because I went to a hip and trendy restaurant with champagne or a bottomless Bellini menu.

Brunch because it was Saturday and I slept until 10:00, lazed in bed until noon, and then decided to pull on my best pair of leggings to run to the end of my street to grab a baguette from the boulangerie and an avocado at the farmer's market. A bouquet of 6 euro roeses were necessary as well.

Brunch with just me and my kindle and Norah Jones playing in the background. 

As much as I'm someone who's usually going at 150 miles per hour, these weekends of rest and relaxation are just as important as the ones filled with fun and a never ending event list.

That is my kind of relaxed Saturday.


  1. looks and sounds delicious, a perfect saturday morning!

  2. Yummy! Great photo, it sounds a really good day :)