Monday, November 3, 2014

Jetlag and a Rainy Day

I was saving these for a rainy day.

And today is that day.

A rainy day full of jet lag after a much too quick trip to NYC and NJ for the last few days.

Somehow, it's nearly eight in the evening and I'm still awake.

We will not count the minute naps I took on the train home in between stops. 

On my first trip over to Paris back in June, my brother stopped over for a few days to see the city and visit me before he rejoined the working world after a brief and much deserved hiatus. It was really so lovely to have him here with me for those few days to help me explore my new home. 

The weather wasn't cooperative the entire visit, so one rainy afternoon, we decided a covered riverboat tour of the city was just the ticket. That and a few beers followed by a bottle of wine. And good food, naturally.

Even though it was rainy and grey, I loved seeing the city from under the raindrops. It was fitting in a lot of ways. Here we were, so little and small just drifting past so many beautiful sights along with the current of the river. 

It seemed like a metaphor for my life at that moment. 

I was so small in a new city, always looking up wherever I was wandering to admire the beauty and soak in all the changes the last few months had brought. Just me trying to coast along with the current and work through the little waves that popped up here and there.

I'm a big believer that rainy days are good for the soul and seeing things from a different perspective, even when you think you've seen or know it all.

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